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Course Schedule

Our current schedule can be found here and is updated regularly.  Segment 1 usually meets Monday through Thursday for 2 hours each day for 3 weeks and an additional week or two beyond that is used to finish the driving time.  Do not sign up if you cannot commit to all three weeks of class.  Attendance is mandatory for all three classes of Segment 2.


Segment 1

Class Start Dates



         ​​These Classes Are FULL

    September 5, 2023        5-7pm

    October 9, 2023             5-7pm

    Novemer 13, 2023           5-7pm

            Classes Available



            TO BE DETERMINED

         BUT JUNE WILL BE THE                          SOONEST



Segment 2 

Class Dates



Classes Full


    August 7, 8, 9               12-2pm







      Classes Available



    October 30, 31, 11/1      5-7pm

    December 4, 5, 6           5-7pm

Down Payment is REQUIRED  with Registration to Reserve a Seat. Click the "Pay Here" tab above to make payment.

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