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Superior Driving Academy Course Information

Segment 1



Segment 1 teaches the fundamentals of driving including speed control and steering control.  The classroom learning is combined with the "behind the wheel" application to apply the concepts learned.  While they are learning to control the vehicle, specific objectives are added regarding:


  • proper stopping location

  • proper lane selection

  • rules of right of way

  • signaling 

  • parking

  • etc. 


The age requirement for Segment 1 is 14 years 8 months old by the first day of class.  Each student is required to complete the classroom portion, the driving portion, and pass a state mandated 80 question multiple choice test with a 70% or better grade.  At the successful conclusion of segment 1, a green certificate of completion will be provided.  This certificate, along with a social security card, original birth certificate, two pieces of mail, and a parent/guardian are required at the Secretary of State office in order to obtain a driving permit.

Segment 2

Segment 2 covers the dangers and risks of driving, including: road rage, drinking and driving, texting and driving, drag racing, too many passengers, and not staying focused on the road.  It also includes a refresher of Segment 1 course objectives.  Students must drive on their permit for a minimum of three months after successful completion of Segment 1 and have logged a minimum of 30 hours (at least 2 hours of which are at night) before attending Segment 2.  Segment 2 meets for three consecutive nights.  Each student is required to attend all three classes and pass a state mandated 20 question, muliple choice test with a 70% or better.  At the successful completion of Segment 2, a white certificate of completion will be provided.  This certificate is to be kept in a safe place and taken with to the 3rd Party Road Test.

3rd Party Road Test

The 3rd Party Road Test is provided by a seprate company contracted with the state of Michigan to determine if the student is ready for a drivers license.  The testing examiner will decide if the student demonstrates the knowledge and ability to drive safely over a predetermined route.  The test begins with making sure the vehicle is in proper working condition and the student has a knowledge of all vehicle controls.  The second portion demonstrates the ability to control the vehicle in a variety of parking situations including: forward, backward, and parallel parking.  The final portion tests their ability to drive safely on the road with other traffic in a variety of areas including: highway, city, and residential.  To be eligible for this test, the student must have completed Segment 1 & 2 of drivers education, driven on their permit for at least 6 months, logged 50 hours of driving time (at least 10 of those hours at night), had no tickets or at fault accidents in the last 3 months, and be accompanied by a parent or legal gaurdian throughout the test if they are under the age of 18.  All testing locations in Michigan can be found on the Michigan Secretary of State website (here).  The closest testing facility to Escanaba is EK Driver Testing and can be reached at 906-789-2822 to schedule an appointment.

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